Taste The Living Water


We have all heard the story of the woman at the well. She was unacceptable to most but Jesus went there for a reason, He even sat on Jacob’s well to declare Himself the living water. Everything Jesus did was meticulous and there is a much deeper story, if you care to dig into the Bible.

This woman had had five husbands, however, she may not have been a prostitute, since women whose husbands died, went to another kinsman. The woman simply believed what Jesus told her, she was amazed that He knew all about her and and what He offered her.

What He said to her was what He repeats it us, ” If you knew who you were talking to, you’d ask me for water. ” The Holy Spirit is that water.  If you drink water, you will get thirsty again, but you will never run out of the Holy Spirit. He is bubbly, effervescent, pure and overflowing, the essence of eternal life in Jesus. He is the living water that is in your belly, or rather deep inside your spirit. He flows in the rivers of living water when you pray in tongues. That is a gift to all believers who will receive, it gives you power over the enemy.

Remember what Jesus said about demons, they roam the dry places. So, they can not stay where there is living water. But they will return to where they were cast out with seven worse, and move right back in if there is nothing there, no blood of Jesus over the person, or no living water of the Holy Spirit.  This is such  a sticking point for Christians. I know many who do not understand that they can be oppressed. Or how that they are.  Many people simple don’t believe that the enemy is real or can affect them as Christians, they don’t need him to deceive them, they deceive themselves. It’s not the devil’s job to torment you and God doesn’t use him to teach you a lesson.

It is our responsibility to speak the truth in love and uplift each other, and to guard against him. He has no power, no authority.  And he is defeated, when he had Jesus stripped and beaten and crucified, it was he who was stripped of power, defeated. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and He did, and so should we.

Believers, don’t give him a place, in your marriages, homes, business or churches. Be aware of his devices and be careful what you do and say and watch and hear. Study for yourself, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. He is the Spirit of the Living God ready to fall fresh on you today.  So drink Him in, drink as much as you need or as often as you want.

When I was ill, the Lord directed me to a particular anointing, I could hear the Holy Spirit saying, drink him. I was really sick. Now as I have fully recovered, I realized what an anointing this person had on his life. The Lord knew I needed someone with a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit to be healed of what could have been life threatening.  I had already had my mother pray, this was a physical attack, and a spiritual one, to ruin my testimony. It failed. Jesus never fails, love never fails.

I could have drunk the eight glasses a day, and vitamined myself to death. But Jesus saved me. Drink His living water, you will never thirst again. I pray you are filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and may He flow freely the world over today, in Jesus mighty name, be filled, be full be overflowing, brimming with the love of Jesus, our well spring of eternal life and our living water. Taste the living water. Rebecca Jones

Spirit of the Living God /Michael Crawford



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