We all trust everyday without realizing. You trust the alarm clock to go off, that your car will run, that the check is in the mail or the bank.  We trust that the sun will rise and that children are safe at school, even with the things going on in the world we keep right on living. While there may be a few who worry that deeply about attacks, people still go into skyscrapers, board planes and ride buses.

We trust doctors, nurses, and that the military is on duty. We trust that all emergency services will be working and that grocery store will not run out of bread or milk. You see, trust is things we take for granted.

So how much more can we trust Jesus with our hearts? Our bodies? Our children? The people at the bank didn’t die for you. If you’re overdrawn, they’ll let you know. But Jesus is never depleted even if we are.   Doctors can work miracles of sorts through knowledge, but Jesus is the healer. I know three cancer patients in remission and one who had it disappear altogether by faith and agreement in prayer. She had a hysterectomy because her body had been over worked and run down. But there was no sign of the stage 4 cancer that appeared in the mammogram.

It would be good if we could all walked in those high levels of faith all the time. But Jesus will meet us at our level, just as He did Peter, who had walked on water but denied Him repeatedly and even swore.

You don’t have to make God a lot of silly promises and if you vow something you better know He expects you to do it. God is the one who made the promises and they are good for believers. If you ask, He will do it. Believers won’t ask foolishly or amiss. Although praying in tongues is the only true guarantee that it not amiss, because the Holy Spirit knows the heart and mind of God as well as ours.  But if you’re sick, asking to be well is a legitimate request. He will do it, it is His will. He told the leper so. So let’s trust Jesus. Don’t let that wicked one sow doubt into your promise, hang on.

When two people get married, they are supposed to trust each other to be faithful. When you are born again, a bride of Christ or part of the body of Christ, He expects faithfulness as well, but even if we are not always doing our part, remaining faithful to Him, He is to us.We have a perfect Jesus, He deserves our perfect trust. Rebecca Jones

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
    don’t try to figure out everything on your own.  Proverbs 3:5  Message Bible


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