Maturity and Wisdom


Just getting older doesn’t make us mature. Not in the natural, not in the spiritual. It’s a choice. When you have petty arguments, and start thinking how childish that is, you’re maturing. When you can manage goals and set priorities, you’re maturing. You learn to grow in God’s Word. You find much wisdom in the Proverbs.

When you realize that being envious of others or jealous is not getting you anywhere, you’re gaining wisdom. You’ve hidden God’s Word in your heart. You know that He has plans for you as well, better than you think. Jeremiah 33:3 and 29:11.

Age doesn’t create wisdom. God does. Love does. Just because a child thinks he or she is a grown up, doesn’t make it so. Many people think they can get married and still act single. That is certainly not wisdom. Many people take that step without God’s wisdom.

The book of James tells us to ask for wisdom. God is not a respecter of persons and will give generously, older or young. Solomon was taught wisdom, and I believe some of it came from Bathsheeba, because she had a lot to endure. She may have been considered a bad girl of the Bible but she was not alone in immorality or the only one to obtain mercy.

Let’s seek wisdom, after all it was wise men who sought Jesus. Let’s be wise women and take advantage of the stories told in the Word and the great sacrifice of the Lord. Rebecca  Jones


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