It’s barely spring and yes, the idea of putting on a boho gauze shirt and walking on the beach with warm sand in my toes sounds great. Would I do it? If I could! And even a starfish headband would be a fun idea.

I love the idea of a weekend in the sun, long morning walks and romantic evening strolls. Looking for the sand dollars and starfish and the seashells. Jamie Lash from Jewish Jewels, decorates them with messages and leaves them for others to find. I think that’s fantastic way  to share Jesus. You can do it with rocks also.

I could do with a long sail, I can smell the sea air and hear the gulls. I have a picnic basket brimming with goodies and lots of iced tea and coke zero. What a great place to listen to music under the stars or read through the gospels, perhaps in a hammock, swaying softly.

Usually, everyone gets a vacation. Then there are family get togethers, retreats, reunions. But that’s sort of a rut, and easy to fall into, the same old same old. While I don’t think we should over extend and choose to rest in Jesus finished work., we deserve a little spontaneity.

Even if we don’t get to run off for the weekend. Go grab an ice cream. Take a nap. Give yourself a facial.  Try a new hairstyle or color. Buy some new lipstick. Take a drive in the country. Shop at antique stores. Maybe, try a bed and breakfast.

I just went outside the other night and sat on a garden bench. Looking up at the stars, I just started to sing. I was just happy to praise Jesus. A couple of days ago, I rested my head in my mother’s lap and cried, thanking her for her prayers.

Spring is in the air, and there’s a spring in my step. Do I need to get away? Sure! We all do. I did get away from a lot of illness, fears, doubts and worry. I never have to worry about the enemy catching up to me with the lust for other things, Jesus is my everything and He is in everything I do, at home or away. He’s always with me.

Even if I only get to go to the grocery store and catch up to online friends. I find little moments of escape. Who knows, I might be out singing with the stars again. Rebecca Jones



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