Innocence is something we are born with, though we all have inherited an Adamic sinful nature until we receive Christ. I heard a line once from a movie that said something like to be born innocent is natural and to die innocent was a gift. It’s not far off. Most people, and some Christians go through life unaware of innocence, most people probably think they’ve lost it and that’s that.

I’ve seen it in children, blissfully unaware of death or even that they’ve become fatherless. Those same children can turn on a dime and become bratty. Having worked with children, I’ve seen them upset by parent’s arguing and some that could care less, who seem to miss the chaos of the home they were removed from.

We are all affected by something, we are all affected by our emotions. They are a part of our soul. We are also affected by our decisions and those of others. We can also be affected by the spiritual world. We come under attack as Christians, and we must discern whether things are spiritual or emotional. Christians can be very oppressed of the devil, that is definitely not the same as possessed.

To be born, to be a Christian, to mature, to love and to leave the world in innocence is a gift. It is a gift given to us by the most innocent of all, Jesus. He knew no sin, yet was made sin for us to inherit salvation. Imagine, being innocent of nothing, and yet, being dragged through the streets to be judged, scourged, beaten beyond recognition and then crucified. And all this time, He knew He was innocent, but loved us enough to do it.

It would not hurt any of us to be a little more innocent. There are many ways to be discreet in conversation, lose the loose verbiage. We all know what goes on, but it shouldn’t be our focus. There are awful television shows, movies, language in abundance.

It would be nice to see some innocence again…it is a gift from the most innocent, Jesus. Rebecca Jones


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