Caring and Compassionate


I went over the list of attributes for Holley’s book. So many apply to my mother and I. Yet, we have both had our moments of that not being good enough feeling. It is just a feeling and not the truth, another lie of the enemy to keep you from your God given inheritance of abundant life.

I knew creative and imaginative popped out for me. I am considerate. I call if I’m going to be late and to check on people who’ve been ill. I am sensitive, to the nines. And I talk to things, sparrows hopping about the parking lot looking for french fries, butterflies that chase me to the mailbox, and even a broken Christmas ornament, like it could have heard.

I think a lot of caring people are concerned about letting their love show, they don’t want to be made fun of or to get hurt, though that may happen. I’ve found most people very receptive to what I write. We can relate. I try to get my point across in  way that is simple and effective, I never want anyone to be confused. I can never convey how much Jesus loves you with mere words, it’s something you have to experience.

And it’s going to take setting aside all the little quirks, hang ups, what ifs and the buts. He already sees you anyway, while you were sleeping, in the car or the ladies; room. He knows what you had for breakfast, how much your phone bill is, that nagging little thought that runs through your head.  He knows who you love, who you don’t but try to. He knows. You can’t hide from Him. There’s no where to go.

Caring women will care about women. They will be on their laptops and on their knees, unashamed to call on Jesus. The won’t care who sees as long as He does. He sees the caring heart He created, baking cookies, visiting the sick, donating time and energy. He sees the ones who are movers and shakers, the world changers. He sees the prayer warriors in the night who fight the good fight of faith.

Jesus was caring and compassionate, women stayed at the cross. Women were there at the Resurrection. Women are His most precious weapon. It was a woman who was deceived and a woman who was chosen to carry the seed that became the precious Son of God. We have always had an enemy, one who goes after us, our families, our friends and fellow Christians.

We care, we all care. So instead of caring if we make a mistake or if our lipstick is crooked or what someone may say. Let’s care about each other, let’s cheer each other on. Our race is almost over and we have won! So let’s reach out and help the ones we can cross the finish line. Go back and get them, carry them if we have too. God cares, we care. I hear people say the don’t care, but that’s not us.

Caring people make calls, donate food or clothes, buy lunches, give someone a break. They read to people, maybe someone could use help just for an hour or a day. Little things can mean a lot.

We are God’s chosen, He has more that we could ever imagine, if we can’t take the leap of faith. Start with a step, some caring person will be along to help. Rebecca Jones


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