Looking Into My Soul


Imagine Jesus looking at you! Can you imagine, being blind and He’s the first one you see? Or being deaf and His is the first voice you hear? What about being lame or crippled and being able to run into His arms?  What about being possesses with seven devils, like Mary Magdalene, and being freed? Or the madman in the tombs who could not escape his past and only had a flicker of himself left until Jesus looked and him and told the demons to  “Go!”

The woman at the well didn’t know Him, but the woman with the issue of blood believed in Him,  she must have been excited to receive her miracle and concerned when Jesus asked, ” Who touched me? ” Again relief would have filled her heart when He told her faith had made her whole. I can hardly imagine being so ill and pressing through a crowd in the streets. Maybe it was hot and she was thirsty but she was looking for the living water and He took her to a place of still waters, healing. Imagine looking into blue eyes. I say that because I have heard of people having visions of Him and seeing His blue eyes.

While Jesus is neither black nor white, He was Jewish, would have had olive skin, and some Jews do have blue eyes. Revelation describes them as a flame or fire. Jesus was ablaze with the Holy Spirit. He wants us to be. Let’s look into His eyes, even if only through Scripture. He should be our focus and not our circumstances, that makes way for miracle.

He can look into our hearts and souls and minds, our imaginations. He can discern every thought and intent. There is no way to hide from the eyes that search the earth from heaven. These are the eyes of love.  The deepest love ever, the agape love of God.  He is looking for someone to bless and love.

May we all be graced with His continual peace and presence and may He look lovingly upon us as we believe upon Him. May His grace and peace and Spirit rest on us as we are favored by God, the children of righteousness. Some of us may be blessed with visions. Nevertheless, we will soon see Him face to face. Rebecca Jones


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