Jesus, He is Both


Lamb and Lion, yes. Jesus was and is both. He doesn’t change. He was the lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. He was destined to come and redeem mankind, at least all who would believe. He was our sacrifice. He took our place. He went to the cross to keep us from going to hell for all eternity. He replaced all the animal sacrifices, even though the Jews will attempt it during the tribulation. He was the Holy Son of God who was the only one worthy and good enough to take upon Himself all that suffering and shame.

He is the powerful and soon coming Lion of the tribe of Judah, which gives Him the lineage to rule and reign over the earth from Jerusalem, from heaven, wherever He chooses.  He once and for all took that punishment and did not open His mouth.  This time He has a lot to say and will have that say very soon.  He will have to redeem us from the end time terrors and return to save Israel as taught in Revelation. He will wipe away all tears and reign forever. Looking forward to our blessed hope. Rebecca Jones


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