In My Father’s Footsteps


Every girl dreams of a wedding. Many of them can picture their fathers giving them away. They have probably walked in his steps or footprints on the beach or in the snow. They could have danced on the tops of his shoes while playing dress up, a floppy hat and beads making them feel all grown up. And God bless the fathers who endure the rigors of beauty shop or will come to high tea at a garden party of stuffed animals, drinking pretend tea, and scarfing down a real cookie.

Maybe they walk with you and hold your hand, help you ride a bike or roller skate or let you cover them in sand or help build your sandcastle. Who buys you ice cream, kisses boo boos or gives you extra allowance?

Who talks to the bullies parents, scopes out suitors, buys your first car?  Who gives you lots of wiggle room before grounding you or taking the phone? Who is keeping up with who see and talk to in person and online? A loving father.  Mothers do these things too, and so much more, dirty dishes and diapers, drama class and drama queen, ballet lessons and object lessons, that sounds like her. And the ” I mean it look “, you know not to test.

I never had this sort of experience, maybe I wanted to.. ..there’s a feeling of inadequacy that starts to fester in womanhood, when your father has left you, even if your mother has remarried and your life is good. You’ve missed something  you can not get back in the natural….but then, there’s the supernatural — enter God the Father, who tries so hard to reveal Himself in Jesus, but who we still often enough, miss.

Maybe because we’ve seen Him as hard or cruel, waiting to get us for something. And yet, He gave up Jesus, to save us. He loved Jesus more than anything, called Him His beloved Son.

I’ve walked in Jesus footsteps of pain, rejection, loneliness, fear and heartbreak. I’ve known grief and strife. I think we all have to some degree. And yet, there was my Father’s hand reaching for me. His steps all laid out in His Word to follow, when I couldn’t make it, He hugged me, nudged me, encouraged me along. He’d whisper a kind word or sing my favorite song into the wind, so I would be sure to hear it. He speaks through fellow Christians and even through the poodles that gave me such comfort. His love was there, in a pair of butterflies dancing or a sweet, peaceful dream. He was there all along and bending to hear me pray.  He probably tucked me in at night, though I never noticed, but I know all the rough patches and the hard places, He carried me through.

He’s the Father of the Bride, and He gives you to Jesus. He will be glad to walk you down the aisle to a husband when the time is right. Whatever you do, follow in your Heavenly Father’s footsteps, He loves you. He carries you through.

Rebecca Jones


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