He Carries Me Through


His name is Yaweh,

Jehovah Jireh, too.

Adonai, Lord Most High,

Abba Father, my God, so true.

He is my Heavenly Father,

He walked beside my mother.

Daughter of the King,

King of the Universe,

Unlike any other.

He walks beside me,

Kneels to catch my tears.

Watches me day and night.

Is the quiet and the calm to any fears.

He calms the storms,

He quiets the sea.

He silences the whirlwind.

He sends quiet breezes to me.

He is light, life and love.

He is strong and mighty,

And try as I might, I cannot fight.

He is my wisdom, I’m a harmless dove.

A sparrow sold for pennies…

He puts to flight my enemies.

I am worth more than these,

And He takes care of them.

So He is my Lord, caring for me,

As I worship Him.

I am His beloved, His child, His delight.

He rejoices over me, singing in the night.

I am His creation, He gives me imagination,

The work of His hands,

I am His daughter, I can talk to Him.

He always understands.

I love Him, praise Him,

And hope to amaze Him too,

But it’s no surprise, My Father,

Day after day, hears as I pray.

He is ever so tender and true.

And with love in His eyes,

He carries me through.

Rebecca Jones


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