Who’s The Purest of Them All?


We all know the familiar Snow White rhyme about the fairest of them all. But look into your heart today and ask yourself, who is the purest of them all. That answer is easy, the fairest and most lovely, and the purest one is Jesus.

He is our example, our role model, and while purity is taught in a marital sense, and it should be. There is more to purity than abstinence until marriage. What are the motivations behind actions?

Do we really want to do something, or even serve Him, for the right reasons? Many people get caught up in prosperity, many don’t teach healing. True Christianity is a mixture of old time religion and the joy of praise and worship, not a rock concert. One church nearby is giving away a $ 1,000 spree and a year’s trip to a restaurant. Personally, I don’t think it’s right to lure children and offer their parents prizes.

There should be programs, but Jesus, the purest of them all, is the center of ministry, the head of the church. If you lift Him up you will draw people in. Or else, keep them out, if all they are looking for is some fly by night, feel good fix or high, pure Christianity may not suit them.

Are they willing to put themselves aside? Pray? Intercede? Be careful of their words and actions, think more of others than themselves, to put Jesus first? Or is it all about themselves?

No, purity, including pure, love, joy and peace comes from serving the Lord Jesus Christ. it’s a lasting joy, that can be taken away by others or the world. So we must guard it and our thoughts and actions and motivations.

He is coming for a pure bride, so let us strive to be pure, putting Him first. If people look at us, they should see Jesus. We want to strive to be a good reflection of Him. People were either very drawn to Him or very turned off. Those people were so hardened in religious beliefs or their own evil devices, believing their way was the right one.  Had they known, they would not have crucified Him or at the least the devil would not have, that’s how he lost all his authority.

Jesus gave it to us, so let’s use it wisely. Let’s walk in purity as He is pure. And the rest will surely fall into place.

Rebecca Jones


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