Are you gifted? I guess I always knew I wanted to write. My mother read to me. But upon entering school I was asked to write a poem. Gasp! My mother helped me and I never looked back.  If you don’t believe me just scroll down the blog.  I read, wrote, daydreamed. Wrote  some more.  And I drew, my earthly father left when I was two but my Heavenly Father was working on me, or I should say for me, so who can be against me?

So she had a creative Christian daughter. I’m sure a lot of people are creative and they pursue it. It is a gift.  I also feel like a lot of people are and they have not pursued it, if you are one of those people, get creative! I heard about a woman who baked the best German chocolate cakes.  Some friends of mine got one for Thanksgiving.  They had wanted her to bake more but she works and had two relatives in the nursing home, so they didn’t ask.  Maybe, you are like that, are your good at cake baking? I like to make muffins.

And I do like drawing and painting, so I’m an artist of sorts, I love drawing angels.  Writing is my forte’.  I like to sing, too.  I like decorating, designing. I used to sit around designing clothes and costumes. In fact, I guess, I’m creative in all kinds of ways. I always decorated for the holidays, I used a Victorian theme for many years. I even have some red velvet boxes to put out for Valentine’s, some red glassware given to me in the 70’s by an elderly church friend, I think they must be at least eighty years old or more. And red candle holders, lots of gold and even amethyst glassware. I was always making some little vignette with my mother’s dolls or some of my angel collection.

So if you love something, whether it’s planning birthday parties or making jewelry. Do it!  I like taking pictures too, I guess the only thing I don’t do is sew or knit.  Maybe the only thing I won’t do is quit! Jesus has given so much love to me, so much of Himself, poured all over me like fragrance of His best rose, the brightness of His best sunrise, the beauty of His best season. I know He keeps records, memory books, and tears in bottles.  Somewhere, I imagine, there is a room near the throne, maybe just over His rainbow. That room must be full of gifts, presents and talents, some are in packages and have names, unclaimed gifts from the Father.  Some are in vessels, for chosen ones, they are poured on by angels as we believe. They are tangible and intangible, but they are perfect gifts from God, because He is perfect.

Don’t let your creative flame that God inspired be put out.  All it takes is a spark of imagination to set your God given gift ablaze. You may have yourself a new career or at least, a great hobby or be able to share with someone, it’s a precious gift from God whether you write a book, read a book, or just color in one.  Let get creative. It’s a wrap! Oh, I love paper, too. Scrapbooking, gift bags… list goes on. Be blessed as I give Him the praise and all the glory for my 500th post!!

I have so much more, I’ll keep you posted. Now get creative! Rebecca Jones

All generous giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or the slightest hint of change. James 1:17 Net Bible


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