Agreeing With God


For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.  Matthew 25:29

Reading this it looks like Jesus is talking about the haves and have nots. I read this and much of the Bible with very little understanding until the Lord quickened me with the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is, in fact, talking about those with spiritual knowledge. Knowledge is one thing, it is learned. Wisdom is a gift, knowing how to use that spiritual knowledge, how to wield that Word as a weapon of warfare against the adversary.

Jesus says, the more you have, the more you get, perceiving or receiving it as gift from God. He can give you a rhema word for your life, different spiritual gifts. Romans 8:32 says, He freely gives all things.  He did not spare Jesus so why would He deny the children He loved and who love Him healing or anything they needed.

For years, I read Mark 4: 4, the sower sows the Word.. I thought I was good ground and received and I was saved. So I thought I should just wait for the Lord to do something, I confessed healing, prospering, all the blessings God wanted for me, my deepest desires.  People would think I wasn’t getting my prayers answered or that I was lying but I was losing the joy of my salvation and the devil was stealing from me.

Let’s look at it again, there is stony, ground, thorny ground, and people who are not rooted and grounded in it. He is already talking about saved people. The birds (demons) come through persecution, affliction, deceitfulness of riches and lust for other things. We read that he comes immediately for the Word. What I didn’t realize was that salvation is an active ongoing, eternal life, spiritual process. So is this passage.

When I read it in Matthew’s account, 13:19, it says when you hear the Word and don’t understand it, the devil comes and steals it.  I didn’t understand that God is looking at the finished work of Christ. He was satisfied with the once and for all sacrifice that Jesus provided us. God, in His wisdom, calls things to be not as though they were.

…God who gives life to the dead and calls into being what does not yet exist. Romans 4:17

In Isaiah 53 before His crucifixion, with His stripes, we are healed. 2 Peter 2:24 says were healed. See the difference. God called Gideon a mighty man of valor when He was not, David a King, when he was a shepherd. Abraham the father of many nations when Sarah was barren.  They tried to force the promise and caused trouble for themselves. Jesus came to make the spiritually dead, live.  Hence, the phrase, the dead burying the dead.

I think Matthew’s account makes it clearer. The enemy comes immediately when we believe and snatches it away if we don’t understand it. God wants us to agree with Him.  The seed of the Word sown along the way has to take root in our hearts.  When people question you or doubt just answer yes or no, because arguing and strife comes from the evil one.

He explains how the devil gets it out of our hearts and our confession out of our mouths. Cares of the world are everyday occurrences, work, school, laundry. Affliction, Jesus bore that, that is sickness and disease.  Deceitfulness of riches can be either greed, thinking money will solve a problem, or that God wants you poor or to take a vow of poverty and live in a monastery like a monk.  God makes us holy when we believe in Jesus. We can’t be holy.   He makes us righteous, we can’t do that, we either. Persecution is the only thing we really face because people will challenge Christianity, but in America, we still have freedom. It’ s not like other countries.

Finally, lust for other things, you just can’t miss that show or I’m going out with friends. Many people are so into social media and entertainment. Jesus is way on the back burner. In my case, I’d get so tired of studying, confessing, I believed Jesus, I knew He answered prayer. I knew He loved me. But I’d face more and more and grew more and more tired and weary of waiting. I just wanted a break. I blamed myself. I had guilt, shame….yet Jesus bore it. He did not want me to. He was healing me, the devil kept coming, I kept resisting. I was submitting my life, I was doing my best.  There was nothing wrong with me, now I watch how the enemy comes, I’ve learned to rest in His promises.

Don’t let him trick you, deceive you. lie to you. Your words matter, God is for you not against you, He will back you up in faith. Don’t over compensate, over profess, over explain and never apologize for believing in Him.  The devil wants us to agree with him that we don’t have it, God wants us to agree with Him, that we do.

Jesus says those who have will have more and those who have less, the devil will take even that. That’s why we don’t see miracles. Let’s agree with God. Let’s believe in miracles.

Rebecca Jones


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