And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. 1 Timothy 2:14

And ever since I suppose men have blamed women. And the women blamed the men, and you know what, they have a point!  The Bible teaches how God designed the family, Jesus should be the head of a Christian family, then husband, wife, children.

And that doesn’t mean dominating them or making them subservient, I’ve seen men take that role the wrong way and have mousey little wives who walk in lock step behind him , with stair step children, one after another. It’s easy to see who is the boss and who takes the orders. These women look tired and defeated. Marriage may be meant to be a life sentence but not in confinement or drudgery. The Proverbs 31 woman is a goal, sometimes, I think a myth, women struggle to attain that and there should be boundaries and priorities.  Husbands and wives were meant to be a team, and the man is naturally stronger and is the woman’s covering and comfort in a Christian marriage, not her Lord and Master.

For some unknown reason, Adam had stepped out of His place allowing the temptation and deception. The verse above makes me question what would have happened had he been there. Would he have told the devil off? She was tricked and he ate willingly. If it had not been those two, it would have been someone else. The devil can deceive even the most brilliant of people, with things like evolution and aliens.  The enemy preys on the weaknesses of the soul, his tricks are cruel and vicious.

Though some strong, independent, women might not agree, women were made to be taken car of and loved, and in return they can give themselves fully to their husbands and families, their careers, friends and fellow believers. That may seem like a lot to ask but isn’t.  Women were born to nurture, to care give, to be compassionate. But women were made with an innate need for security, and that’s why so many fall into trouble when they  believe the lies told to them.

There is big difference between smooth talkers and soft spoken gentlemen. Actions will speak louder than words. There may be hard workers, but there are also hard hitters and the is no reason a man should ever lay a hand on a woman, except in love. And we’e not talking about restraining someone from doing harm here. We are talking about abuse!

Women blame themselves, but a Christian women has the wisdom of God not to nag. She can speak to the Lord, and she can be quiet and still. He can turn bad situations around. Pray for your husbands. Never take abuse, if you need to get out. Get help, get out! But don’t contribute to verbal abuse, don’t accept it either.  Let God build your home and marriage  and it will last. Rebecca Jones


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