Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her. Hosea 2:4

I thought this verse was interesting. God repeatedly tried to woo Israel. He wanted to be their King, they wanted Saul. He would have reigned, He sent Jesus and they refused to believe He was their Messiah and had Him crucified. Now, we know the Jews weren’t responsible, nor the Romans. Jesus gave His life willingly, no man could take it from Him.

The prophet Hosea repeatedly goes after his unfaithful wife, Gomer, just as God tries to win back Israel. There is such a parallel here. Israel has always been God’s spiritual wife, just as the church is the spiritual bride of Christ.

Hosea is told to speak kindly to her. Gomer was a prostitute, and her children were named for the condition of Israel’s spiritual ways.  Now, I have always loved studying names, I believe that children should have names with good meanings. You will always be calling them something good.

Their children were named things that were not good, with meanings like, no compassion and not my people. Though Gomer ran away, Hosea, which means salvation, loves her goes, after her forgives her.

God kept His covenant, but Jesus gave us a better covenant and better promises. His sacrifice was a covering for all sin, for all time, if we would believe. God’s Word has always warned against adultery, prostitution, willful sins against the body. There are types of spirits that will lure you in, deceive you with lies, ruin lives, marriages, break apart homes and cause children to suffer. Sin has consequences.

But Jesus is and has always been there. He will speak kind words to you. He will allure you with His promises. But the difference is, you can trust Him. He will not leave you or forsake you. He is faithful, even if you have not been to Him, He is still there calling to you come back because He loves you.

The world offers lots of allure, easy money, quick fixes, get rich quick schemes. There are both men and women who fall prey to these spirits. Jesus still loves you, will forgive you, heal you and deliver you. but you must go and sin no more. He will not condemn you. Jesus is the only hope of people who have fallen so far into these types of sins. He knows your heart and will forgive you, He also knows deceit and I have seen people die claiming to know Him and still lying about addictions.  The devil comes to kill and destroy, that’s his goal, ultimately, he will steal your life.  Jesus will not interfere if you choose an evil way.

But this is a love story, still. Not the type of boy meets girl and happily ever after, though there was redemption.  The love that God has for people is so real and so great, He sent His Son to save anyone who will call on Him.

Maybe, you feel unworthy, but there really is a Prince Charming, a knight in shining armor, His name is Jesus, let Him love you. His kind of love changes things.

Rebecca Jones


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