Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure. But nothing is pure to those who are corrupt and unbelieving, because their minds and consciences are corrupted. Titus 1:15

When I decided to use the word “pure “, I thought about how I probably hat already written about the pure in heart whom Jesus says will see God. Maybe, I mentioned it in a poem. I know it’s in the list of things we are supposed to think about.

But what does God say about it? I found this verse above and realized that believers should really have pure hearts and thoughts and intentions. I know I always did. But I had those battles against the fears and frustrations and it took all I had to believe to be completely healed.

So it is possible to fall back into the ways of the flesh, or at least have to battle them. But Jesus defeated the enemies we face,so we should renew our minds, let Him create that pure heart, restore it to peace and joy and we know His love is perfect, that’s why it is important not to walk in fear.  The opposite is not faith, it is love.

Every Word of God is pure, His love is pure. His motives are pure, He wants to bless and prosper us and for us to be in health. Our health is tied to our souls His eyes are too pure to look on evil that’s why He must look at us through the blood of Jesus. And He does, if we are born again. What love to give His only Son, it restored to us the ability to speak to God, and Jesus is our mediator. Our imaginations should be pure as well, don’t give your thoughts over to fantasy that can be harmful. True creativity comes from self control. We must strive to live pure lives before the Lord, only Jesus could make us worthy, holy or righteous.

He purchased our salvation, He deserves the best from us, so let’s keep ourselves pure with His help and His love. Rebecca Jones






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