She Walks With Angels


She walks with angels by her side.

She walks with angels,

They go in front of her and behind, beside.

All around her the sound of gentle wings,

That hide, in the air and on the ground.

She walks with angels,

Awake in the morning,

And during the day.

As evening covers her,

Like a shadow, God’s shadow.

They are there to light the way.

She walks with angels,

Talks to to God about them.

They whisper good thoughts,

Ideas, reminders of Him.

She walks with angels,

As she praises and sings,

They join her in song,

Embracing her, protecting her,

Covering her with feathers and wings.

She walks with angels,

Giving the song a loving voice.

And Jesus is there, holding her, smiling.

He was her first love, because her loved her first,

The beloved Prince of Peace, her choice.

Rebecca Jones


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