Warrior of Grace


The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent. Exodus 14:14

Exodus 15:3 says the Lord is a warrior.  That’s good because I’m not, well, not really.  But I have had to learn to be. Too often things were eluding me or just out of reach during my days of Christianity. I never wanted to settle for less that what He wanted for me, but too often I was.

I’ve been a Christian since I was eleven. I grew up knowing the Word and being very close to Jesus, praying, but I did not walk in that power or authority. I worried, I complained, I was in a lot of pain, mental and physical. The more I studied and learned, I would sometimes turn people off because I was binding the devil, telling people to say this or that.

I watched the best charismatic ministers. I tried to be that strong and watch what I said. God in His wisdom calls things to be not as though they are,  I was calling my self healed in faith. Guess what? I was in some ways, but came under attack from other things.

The more I grew in faith, and that’s not just talking about it all the time, the more I was annoying the devil. God knows we believe. The enemy believes and trembles. Just believing in God isn’t enough, I’ve seen people acknowledge Jesus,and go on living a life that should make them ashamed.  Even though I know Jesus took that too, if you are a true believer, I fought those battlefields of the mind, and that is where we win or lose.

I was ashamed, I repented all the time over every little thing, and that’s not life more abundantly or peace. Feelings are not reality, they are deceptive. You have to know who you are and what you are in Christ but isn’t that armor is too heavy and you have put it on. He says to put on the whole armor of God, it covers you fully. Your head is protected, your chest everything, and take up that shield of faith and stand.

I have a mental picture of getting dressed in the morning, I can’t see me in the suit of armor. I’d be more the damsel in distress type, let Jesus slay the dragon, who’s breathing fire down my neck and trying to take my castle, my family, my possessions, my joy and peace. The devil tries to destroy us anyway he can, or to make our lives miserable. As much as Jesus wants us to have abundant life, the devil constructs an insidious and hideous plan to stop it.

Being a damsel in distress does not make us weak and we don’t have to pretend that we are a gearing up for battle every morning. That armor is spiritual, as believers, we have the Holy Spirit, and the armor is the armor of God. So we are always wearing it, it covers us like the blood of Jesus. Are we using it? Not nearly enough! Our sword is also a sword of the spirit, it truly has a lot to do with what we do or say.  Though we should take care to not offend or be offended it happens. We all walk in varying degrees of faith and spiritual gifts, so many of us are not using our spiritual authority. Some of us need to speak up, speak words of life and some of us, myself included need to take a step backward, which is not retreating and just be quiet. Rest…relax, breathe.

Some people may not like fighting fire with fire but we have the Holy Spirit, and God is an all consuming fire. We should take every advantage that Jesus gave us. Our weapons of warfare are not carnal, and we have real spiritual enemies. I used to have trouble withe the casting down imaginations verse, but now I know that confessing righteousness over yourself combats that. I have to admit I was afraid of that power, fear comes from the devil, it literally is him.  Because believers are to walk in love. Love, God’s love is the only thing  stronger than fear.

Soldiers used to soak their shields and they were tall ones that covered them. The water is a type of Holy Spirit, He covers us. He puts out the fiery darts of the enemy. I used to be so hurt by things people said that would cry, now I know that just that old mouthy enemy using someone who doesn’t know better to accuse me falsely.

I really was trying to help. Maybe, I have learned better, that speaking the truth in love may be harder to do than I thought. We live in a time where people don’t want to accept that things are wrong. So I’m learning it’s okay to be a woman, feminine, soft and to be a woman of faith and quality, a prayer warrior, a warrior princess whose, Father is the Lord of the Universe, the LORD is His name. And He is a fighter, a warrior, He is always victorious.

I write a lot about being the beloved and the bride of Christ. We all have walked the aisle with our true love, Jesus. He wants to protect us, heal us, deliver us, love us like no one can.  And it is not by power or might that things change but by His Spirit, I need not fight, except for the fight to keep Him my focus.

We are in a war, one that He will soon end forever. I am a warrior, I can hold my peace, be still or shout if necessary. This is a war I will win, not in battle, only in prayer, letting Him go ahead of me and fight.  I will win looking to Him, I will be victorious on my knees, long before I go out to face the day.

I really hope this blesses you, fellow damsel, fellow warrior. Rebecca Jones

You will be delivered by returning
and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence. …Isaiah 30:15  


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