Spirit Like A Dove


The Spirit of the Lord descended upon Jesus bodily in the form of a dove. He breathed on the disciples but He gives us the Holy Spirit when we are born again, although I would recommend that you ask Him to give you the gift of speaking in tongues. It is very helpful to learn about the power He imparts to you early on and not have to go back and relearn.

That is why the Bible speaks of desiring the sincere milk of the word and also of a reference to it as meat.  We start off as babies on milk, God gives you grace, and a sort of grace period to grow. We are to put off childish things, and stop speaking as child. Children can be petty, selfish, focusing on me and they love the word, mine. Yet, we are to have child like faith, they are very eager to believe.

The more you grow in faith, wisdom and favor, the more the Holy Spirit will grace you with many gifts, but as He wills. He decides the gifts and purposes, He searches the deep thoughts of God and puts those desires into your heart as you delight yourself in Him and the joy of His salvation. Nothing we can do will ever compare to what Jesus did, yet He declared  that we could do greater. He wants us to send His love around the world and I pray I am doing that today. He has blessed me so many ways! God Bless You! Jesus Loves You! Rebecca Jones


http://biblehub.com/hebrews/5-13.htm  and verse 14


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