I have swept away your transgressions like a cloud, and your sins like a mist. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you. Isaiah 44:22

This is a beautiful verse to show the mercy of God, although in the Old Testament and in reference to Israel, how much more is the sacrifice of Jesus relevant to us.  I knew He was crucified and died for my sins. I expected to go to heaven, even though at times I wondered about that. I was not always at church or paying tithes. In fact, I was afraid of losing my salvation which He says is eternal. I was afraid of making mistakes, especially when my prayers weren’t answered. Yet, they were. I was unfamiliar with the gifts of the Spirit, and spiritual warfare. I certainly didn’t want to read about the devil.

And we are warned not to be ignorant of his devices. I had to learn, sometimes, the hard way.  Don’t you do that!  Let me help you.  First, accept Jesus, simply confess Him as Lord, renouncing any false teaching and ask Him to give you His Holy Spirit.  Some people feel heat, power, or electricity. You will be able to speak in tongues. Don’t be afraid to. It is not demonic, you are asking Jesus!  Pray that way regularly.

Watch your mouth, listen to what others say, don’t share everything you know right away. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Recognize that the devil shows up immediately, to steal, kill, and destroy. John 10:10 Whereas, Jesus came to give life abundantly, which is salvation, complete wholeness, spirit, soul and body. He paid the price for healing, deliverance from fears, His sacrifice covers so much more than we can comprehend. This kind of love is available for everyone who will accept it. The devil will try to trick you, he knows his time is much shorter than ever before in history. These are the days when you need the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Jesus has already won the battle on the cross.  You may have an accuser, but your opponent is mostly a mouthy, fallen angel and you can cast him out of your thoughts with ease if you obey the Spirit.

This is a serious decision, who will you serve? Jesus purchased you as if you were in bondage, a slave. He bought you with His own body and blood. He redeemed you, He set you free. Serving Him as a Master is not slavery, you have freedom and peace and joy, if you remain faithful in Him. When you begin to doubt, He understands, but where there is unbelief He can do no miraculous works. It is not to take lightly, your eternal home, you may come under some fire as a Christian, but you have a shield in Him

1 Peter 1:18 declares that you were not bought by perishable things like silver or gold. Jesus own body incorruptible and immortal, paid the price or ransom. Although, it is a metaphor, it is accurate. He literally bought your soul, to save you from an eternal hell that was meant for the devil and his fallen angels.

Maybe you have seen movies about slavery, the chains and shackles on the wrists and ankles, sometimes, about the neck. Perhaps, you have seen the movie about Joseph. He was sold by his brothers into slavery and is a foretelling of the coming Christ. He was up on the auction block as well. Can you imagine the humiliation of being looked over, examined, prodded and paraded stripped naked…sold, beaten, whipped…Jesus can, He did it and went through much worse for us. He had to be the Son of God even to survive it…

Why are we slaves today, if we don’t have to be? You don’t have to serve greed or lust or alcohol or drugs. We also as women of faith should not be bound in fear, depression, anxiety. We don’t have to live thinking we’re not good enough.  We don’t have to waste away in worry or keep our light under a bushel.  You don’t have to become someone else or compete with other women. We serve Christ, we are sisters in Christ and we are not in competition. Our enemy is the devil. Our calling is to lift each other up, not beat each other up or wear each other out. I did that trying to emulate certain people.  But Jesus helps us with our own identity, the devil is the thief and we are not to be slaves to his whims. He can not keep us on his roller coaster of fear.

Invite Jesus in, give Him a home in your heart, He loves you so. If you already have, let Him rearrange some things to give Him a larger room or a chamber there. Sweep the cobwebs of doubt. Rearrange the furniture of strife and struggle and decorate it with His peace, His joy, His love. When David prayed in Psalm 51, for God to create in him a clean heart, He uses the Hebrew word ” bara” which means to create from nothing, not just change what exists, not “yatzar”,  which is to fashion  or form. He can take the nothing and nobody heart that we think we have, and free it completely, redeem it, make it as lovely as He is.

We can all use that for when those old enemies leave, the demonic worries and oppression, they roam around an will try to come back with seven worse. Jesus said so. So let’s keep our new, clean, redeemed hearts watered like a garden with the Word and the Holy Spirit. We are His bride, His beloved, His redeemed.

I can picture Him walking through the marketplace, the smell of spices and the beggars, the lame. The Pharisees and Sadducees who would not accept Him and along the shores of Galilee, He told fisherman to ” follow me.” He knew the cross was coming. He knew He would give everyone a chance.  But long ago, before we could even imagine it, Adam had lost his authority on earth. Jesus had already decided to come. Sometimes, in the New Testament, He is called the second Adam, because He took back the authority over the devil. And He gives it to us as believers, we have a free will and a right to choose which Master we serve. I choose Jesus, and guess what? He chose me!

If like me you have a good imagination, you can picture it. How did He pick you? You know He really did don’t you and paid for you with His own blood? What a redeemer and now He lives and we should say so. Walking through the hallways of heaven or through the Pearly Gates, I’m sure He saw me and said,” I’ll take that one.” ” I’ll love her!”  ” I’ll bless her.” ” She’s the one I want, I’ll take her, I’ll take care of her.”

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, I’m redeemed, I’m redeemed, praise the Lord!

Rebecca Jones


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