Behold The Lamb


Imagine being Jesus, He knew very well what His purpose was for coming. He came to die. As He walks toward a strangely dressed cousin, John the Baptist. He hear him say, ” Behold! The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. ” Those words must have reverberate over the sea and the crowds would have turned to see Him.  Fast forward to the Passover meal.

I can barely wrap my mind around anyone sacrificing something as sweet and innocent as this lamb, yet Jesus knew it was about to be Him. I know that there are some of you familiar with certain dishes and while I try not to think of where my hamburger comes from, it may not be as difficult for some to hear the details. They are in the Old Testament.

Jesus was literally consumed with all that sin and darkness, the torments of hell, paying a price for our salvation. He was sweet, innocent…roasted like a lamb over a spit. He bore everything to set us free, to deliver us, to heal us to bring us peace. I cannot even imagine knowing I would have to face that or that there would be people unwilling to believe me if I did. No wonder Jesus wept.

We can never repay Him, but we should obey Him in love and respect what no other man could have done. the fact that  Jesus survived long enough to face crucifixion is a testament to His divinity, He was and is the beloved Son of God.  He takes away the sin of the world, if we’ll let Him. John 3:16



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