Refreshing Spring


We are about three weeks away from the official start of spring and I am looking forward to it. Not because I have been cooped up in the house all winter or because there was lots of snow, there wasn’t.  Not even because of cold days, there weren’t many, I was wearing shorts on Christmas Day, it was warm in Georgia.

I’m looking forward to it because there is a refreshing in the gentle spring rains, I will see the flowers blooming. My roses will burst with red explosions. The hummingbirds will return. And though I may sneeze a little and there will probably be pollen, I will warm my back in the sunshine and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass.

I will see people out and about and enjoying weekend cookouts.  The yellow butterflies will chase me to and from the mailbox. I am healthy again and I praise Jesus for that, there was a time when I could not walk to that mailbox.

I praise Him for renewing me and restoring me, for raining the Holy Spirit on me like April showers and I know that there will be May flowers for me as well. He has blessed me tremendously and I am ever mindful and ever thankful of it. If I were only as good as I was before or even now, would be a welcome blessing. But I have seen His loving hand in my life and I know that even better days are ahead.

I look forward to March, I will remember your Resurrection day and praise you for being alive and on the throne Lord of all, and of all seasons, thank you for another spring. I would not be where I am without you. Rebecca Jones


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