He Fashions My Crown


Recently, I heard a story of a man’s vision. It was so beautiful that I had to write about it and relay it because it is such a picture of the beauty of Christ. It shows the wonderfully beautiful love of Jesus at is best and I am an instrument of conveying that love….the vision..

….a woman who had prayed and interceded all her life goes before the Lord, works are tried in the fire, wood, hay and stubble are burned up quickly, but the lady has a book that Jesus places on an altar, it melts and runs over the sides as pure gold. the Savior with His own nail scarred hands reaches down and molds and fashions her crown, to be placed upon her head.

Isn’t that a lovely picture. I must also reiterate that we are not saved by works. The works we are to is something He prepares us for and gives us the ability to do as we grow in Him.He is the one who appoints our works. So don’t automatically think you are a missionary, seek His will and discover your gifts. the Holy Spirit will help you.

And let anything you do be for Him and reflect His glory. You must have a willing heart and do things for the right reasons or those works or plans would be up in smoke. How precious to think that I might see my written words there someday ablaze on His altar and as He places the crown on my head, I hope to look out and see the people I have blessed and then I believe, although I’d be overwhelmed with amazement that I could turn back to Him and lay it at His feet. Rebecca Jones



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