Becoming A Woman of Quality


What is a woman of quality? If your think being born with a silver spoon, wealth, education and yachts, you’d  be right, in a sense. But those are natural circumstances, though, personally, I believe that God puts at least one person in each family with a capacity to bless it. Spiritually and even financially.

A woman of quality will be able to discern and guard her heart, and let the Lord help her to do it. She has gifts and talents, whether a gourmet chef or a crock pot mom.  She will walk into a room and light it up, there is a sweetness in her spirit that is only from Jesus. She is not trying to prove anything to herself or anyone else or even to God. She doesn’t have to.

If she can rest in His love and just be still, He will defend her, His Word speaks for itself, it is a lion roaring against her enemy, the adversary, the devil. If she can manage to keep her focus on His promises and not the way everyone else looks at the world, she will overcome by His blood and the word of her testimony.

A woman of quality will be a prayerful woman, she speaks kind words to her beloved, the Lord and He is faithful. It is a figurative and lid a marriage in the sense that He is joined to you in Spirit. He wants you to have the mind of Christ also, to receive all His benefits, mercies, love, joy and peace. You walked the aisle with Him when you accepted Him as Lord and Savior. His sacrifice of love brought you to tears and you to your knees in prayer.

He bent to listen to your prayer, accepting Him. He stood beside you and gave you His ring, the seal of the Holy Spirit. He lifted the veil, a kiss on the forehead. Just as His crucifixion tore the veil of the temple, to free your soul., now you are free to come before Him. You can ask Him anything, talk to Him about anything, He will never condemn you. He will correct you, and sometimes His Spirit draws away in grief if you refuse His guidance and love.

He, the beloved bridegroom, you the figurative bride. He loved you chose you, redeemed you with His blood. You become a woman of quality in Jesus as you submit your life to Him.  You are not a girl who has to compete. You are a woman of God complete in Him. So what is a woman of quality? A woman who loves Jesus and gives Him her heart.

Rebecca Jones


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