Praying Through


Praying through…I used to hear that phrase a lot, but I never understood it. It’s like the phrase P.U.S.H., pray until something happens.  there a lot of cute anagrams and tag lines, praise phrases, but to really get before God and pray through is a choice, it takes a rest of faith. It should be effortless to have it as a believer but we have all been so conditioned by worldly thinking that we turn to others first before God.

I’m not saying that if you are ill, don’t go to the doctor, but before you do declare Isaiah 53 and healing verses. We all seek the advice of friends or experts. Haven’t we all watched a talk show or read a self help book? Haven’t we all exercised with one fitness guru or another or practiced positive thinking?  We’ve all tried the latest fad in fashion, diets or wasted time watching some ridiculous television show to see who survives something or other.

And I love television, but mostly older shows with out the gratuitous sex and violence. I’m extraordinarily old fashioned. And I never thought I’d see a day when out of 300 plus channels, that I would watch a dozen or so. There is an occasional Hallmark movie that is genuinely good. Thank God for reruns and old movies. That’s what I watched as a girl. I grew up thinking that women were like Greer Garson in Mrs. Miniver, but I found out there were a lot more Bette Davises.

My mother always said I lived in my imagination, I did. But I think God protected and perfected it for me to be above that sort of thing. No, I’m not perfect as some have told me I am and no, ” I’m not holier than thou. “, as I have been accused of.  It’s good to set you mind on thoughts that are pure and lovely.  If all you see is trash, well, you accept it. You be come a hoarder of sorts dumping more of it into your soul through the window of your eyes, all seven deadly sins are on 24/7.

But what about praying through, shouldn’t we give God the first place He deserves and put our minds to something not so mindless, like prayer? I’m not against a little mindless, harmless, entertainment and by mindless, I mean you don’t have to put much thought into it.

Prayer that has an effect on someone’s life or health is a serious matter. Their eternity may depend on it. Let’s take time to pray with our understand and also in the Spirit, especially, when you fill an urging from the Holy Spirit. You may be praying for someone you don’t know or a loved one. The Holy Spirit can take action against the enemy for you and put angels to work.  You as a believer can bind the devil’s work, by the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray today that He will cancel the enemies assignments against your life as well as my own.

Pray, pray minutes or hours or throughout the day if you need to. God is for us and not against us, let’s be for Him. Be blessed today and may His precious Holy Spirit accompany you. Praying through,Rebecca Jones


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