The Pearl of Great Price


I  highly recommend Pastor Joseph Prince’s teaching on this, it’s like nothing I ever heard before, I was blown away. I was always told Jesus was the pearl, and that may have the best interpretation pastors knew years ago, or maybe I wan’t hearing the best teaching. I always encourage you to let the Holy Spirit teach you and direct you  to the people you need to hear.

Jesus gave His life for the world, the field, making us the pearls. The oyster suffers a wound, covers the sand or whatever it is with something called “nacre”, sounds like nacker. It covers it over and over, like the Holy Spirit covers us, when the oyster is opened, it suffocates, which occurs in a crucifixion. It is a beautiful parable.

The oyster gives its life in creating the pearl. A lot of people don’t realize that Jesus did the same. He died once and for all and covers us with His Spirit as believers, He covers us continually and hopefully we will be pearls.

Salvation is received once but it is an ongoing process, it is in action, continuous, daily encounter with the Lord. He is always there. I have always liked pearls and thought they were beautiful. They have a pure and simple quality with them and look great with evening gowns, and here in the south we even wear them with jeans.  There’s a simple grace and elegant beauty to them. There’s nothing they don’t go with. No one Jesus can’t cover, go with, make beautiful.

Just to clarify simple, the crucifixion was not simple, His sacrifice was not simple, it was horrific.  But the message is simple, He loved us and gave His life. Let’s do our best to make Him look good as we become lovely strands of pearls.

Rebecca Jones


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