The Heart of God



As an artist, I dip my brush into the heart of God.

There I can mix the most beautiful color palette.

With each stroke on the canvas.,

Creating a masterpiece upon it.

I mix the purples, reds and blues.

What an array of colors from which to choose.

I paint with bold strokes, watercolors, oils.

And with pastels of many hues.

Surely, He painted the sky and clouds,

The green grass and oceans wide.

With spoken words from His mouth,

From His heart , deep inside.

You can not hide your heart from Him.

He will not hide His heart from you.

As an artist, you are His portrait.

As an artist, He dipped a brush into His heart.

And created you, a work of art.

So dip your brush into the heart of God,

And start creating, anew.

For being created and creative,

Is God’s gift of love to you.

Rebecca Jones



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