Perfection was a man called Jesus,

Who came from heaven to earth to save.

Perfection of love, crucified and risen,

When He gave us the gift, the love, He gave.

Perfection in heaven, no need of darkness,

A moon, nor the night.

For the beloved Son of God is there,

Love’s shining light.

No hospitals, no homes for the aged.

For perfection in Him defeated death,

And won the war it waged.

No hunger, thirst or famine.

Serving only God, not mammon.

Fruit grows in abundance,

Grapes from the largest vine.

What a blessed hope,

That heaven, that home, is mine.

Crystal waters flow in rivers,

And in a stream.

And with His Spirit, within,

Heaven is no dream.

Perfection, flowers,

Like the one above.

Looming large, blooming,

Jesus in control, in charge,

Pouring out eternal love.

Rebecca Jones




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