God’s Precious Pearl


I hope you read the Pearl of Great Price post.  If God so loved the world to send His Son and make me a pearl of great price, then I know He’d doing the same for all women who are believers.

You may feel like a piece of costume jewelry or no make up, you may not look at yourself as beautiful. You may be dragging around in sweats or jeans, or tossing a coat over your pajamas to drive the children to school.

And even if you are a professional in business attire, perhaps, you can still not see yourself as God’s girl. You are precious to Him if you are a believer. You are precious to Him if you are not a believer, He wants to save you.

If you could see yourself through Jesus eyes, the sacrifice He paid to save your soul, see with spiritual eyes. If you could see the darkness, not natural darkness which God created originally good, but the darkness of the spirits, of the evil, of the devil, that opposes God’s will, you would see yourself as differently, if you received His life and light and love.

Fear, terror, torment, jealousy, greed, hate, grief, strife, envy…all the thoughts and memories that can well deep in your souls and spirit. Open your heart to His light and see the Lord lift away burdens and heaviness.

He loves you so, He will forgive you, He will help you not to walk in the darkness but the pure light of His love. He wants you to be His girl and His pearl. He wants to lift you up, heal you and restore you.

He sees us beautiful, as He is beautiful. He overpaid the price to save the world if they would only believe. The pearl necklace above is opulent. The gates of Heaven are opulent. I actually saw a necklace that was pearl and very bulky, it looked heavy to wear and I chose this one instead. But while that necklace was a little over the top for me, it made me think how Jesus went over and above for me. Be Blessed ….Rebecca Jones



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