Word Power


Put on that lipstick but watch that mouth! The Bible says that from it we speak blessings and curses, not necessarily bad words, but a cold as ice, wicked heart or mouth can spew things that may be worse than obscenities. It can cut a heart to ribbons or shred you like a cheese grater.  And then your shredded like Cheddar. It is hard to unscramble an egg or to put Humpty Dumpty together again!  All the King’s horses and men could not, but Jesus can!

My word seems to be stupid. I can say something like , ” Well that was stupid! “, or ” Nobody’s really that stupid! ”  And I’m also admitting to my stupid mistakes, but somehow other people don’t want to.  I have had readers from all over the globe. C’mon let’s admit it, we’ve all done something stupid.  Wow! I feel better. Collective sigh! Ahhhhh!

But while I may not mean to be unkind, someone else may. You shouldn’t have to explain everything you say to everyone, but if people find out that you are a believer, and especially in Mark 11:23, sometimes they will let you have it!  If you have faith to move mountains, you will have to move them in Jesus name. People are happy to throw obstacles in your path.

Yesterday, well, the other day, I got a phone call that really bothered me. I was angry, I tried to consider that this person may have had some illness. But she was offensive, and I would say hypocritical.  I was nice because even though this was someone I love and care about, the verbiage was also about someone I love, who did not deserve that attack.  My good Christian mouth opened and the Lord filled it…” I think we should all stop being mean to each other. ”  See, I included myself, though I was innocent, this time, in order to maintain my cool.

I truly wish that was always the case.  We get called ” fishers of men “, We should win people over, right?  But too often those tongues are wagging like a puppy dog tail, and the devil will bait that hook. People will fish, to get you into an argument. Don’t bite!!!  My mother used to say, ” We’ll see. “, to the children at the daycare.  They caught on, that meant, ” No ”  She also told them she taught a guy how to skateboard on his head as they watched him go down the street. That, they believed.  She told them she was kidding.  But some people will take it and run, gossip, add too it, turn around everything you said, blow it out of proportion.

You can take children and sit them in a circle, start off with any phrase, when you get to the end, after everyone has repeated it to the next person it’ll be different.  Let’s try, ” Angels watch me through the night. ”  “Angels watch me  through tonight. ” ” Angels watch me throw up tonight. ”  ” Angels watch me through a pipe. ” ” Angels watch me throw a pie? ”  You get the idea, it might not work this way all the time.  It’s not an exact science or even rocket science.  Men are not the only ones with selective hearing, children appear to suffer the same malady, and Oh God, my own side, and some women, too! Please, don’t hate me!

All kidding aside, I think we know it can be true. People sometimes hear just what they want too. Not what the minister says, much less the Lord. And the Lord does not want our hearing dulled or for us to be hearers and not doers. It happens all the time. Don’t bother to argue, it gets you nowhere. Don’t confide in everyone, talk to Jesus. You are safe with Him! We will always have an accuser of the brethren, the devil, but let’s not give him any ammunition, he will pull that trigger or push your buttons. We don’t want to put our foot in our mouths, especially heels.  Did you know God wants you in them?

19 The Lord God is my strength;
He will make my feet like deer’s feet,

And He will make me walk on my high hills. Habbukak 3:19

I’m sorry I don’t remember the version, it usually says mountains or high place.  I e-mailed it to a friend who loves shoes.  I hope I made you laugh and think today.  I am good with words, yet some people I can talk to better than others, if they get the impression I’m showing off, it’s their problem, because it’s not true. If only they knew my pain, the fear I faced down and overcame and the miraculous healing power of God, maybe they’d get a little excited and want to share Him too.  And then, maybe not.  Some people have unfortunately decided that He’s teaching them a lesson or have decided not to expect answers to prayer, to paint God with a brush that makes Him more an enemy than Father. God places value on words, it’s even what we call the Bible.  Let’s choose them wisely. Be blessed. Rebecca Jones




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