Fear Not!


Fear Not! That phrase is in the Bible 365 times. That’s one a day, kind of a vitamin or like the proverbial apple, but instead of keeping the doctor away, it keeps the devil at bay.  If you read the book of John thoroughly you will find that Jesus, Himself, acknowledges the existence of the devil, the adversary. He calls him the prince of this world. He had Adam’s authority at the time.  Jesus had not yet been crucified. He also says he’d been judged.  He was booted out of heaven on his pitchfork and now has no authority over believers. The devil can’t make you do something, you don’t want to do. He is the accuser of the brethren night and day. ” What makes you think you’re so smart? ” “Nobody cares. ” ” You’ll never make it. ”  And he comes in many forms, including fellow Christians who lend him a hand in accusing, like Job’s friends.

He makes you worry, he makes you sick, he makes you mad.  He scares you with lies. Having the Holy Spirit will help you discern. He is a deceiver if says Jesus can’t save you or that drugs and alcohol are okay, everybody does it. Or things like you don’t believe the Bible do you? People wrote it, they make mistakes.  He will draw you into wicked places. How many people who go missing, do so after a night of partying at a bar?  Look how many people overdose.  He will go after children, look at the school shootings. I’m probably making you nervous.

If you look at the world, you will fear. If you look at Jesus, you will see love. Talk to Him about your fears, He was fearful as a man, faithful and powerful as God. The devil doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.  He is a liar and a thief, if he can steal your joy from Jesus, he will. Never give that up!!! I lost mine for a while and it was bad! Never give up, Jesus loves you and the enemy knows that, he and the demonic realm quake with terror at the name of Jesus, use it!!!

Don’t be afraid. Find a friend you can trust to help you overcome in Jesus. Never live life afraid, it’s not the abundant life Jesus die for us to have. And even if you don’t have a friend to trust. Trust love, trust Jesus and fear not! Rebecca Jones

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. ~Let your LOVE be Bigger that your fear~


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