A Favored Heart


Sometimes when our parents

Or grandparents have prayed.

Or cried out fragile tears,

Weeping for them,

The children, all these many years.

God has them in a bottle.

They belong to Him.

He has a book of remembrance,

A memory book.

Sometimes on His calendar.

An angel bends, hands Him the book.

Carefully, opening it…

The Father takes a look.

That’s how faith works,

It’s how miracles can start.

How He finds a child,

Who has a favored heart.

Angels begin to work, taking charge.

With plans eternal, looming large.

They go to prepare a way,

Sometimes, the enemies minions,

Get in their way…that’s the time to be still,

But fight back!

Let God arise, angels attack.

For when you have a favored heart,

It is full of grace.

Eternally, though, a child in His embrace.

Sometimes, when we are prayed for.

And it’s the Lord we adore.

And plans are made.

The enemy comes immediately,

Because we have prayed.

He is a liar, deceptive, cruel.

Never add a fire to his fuel.

But He, the Holy Spirit,

Rushes in, like a flood,

And in salvation,

We are covered by Jesus own blood.

Pray for the children,

Teach them to pray.

Teach them to make a difference,

Watch the words they say.

Teach them love, never fear.

Ask the Holy Spirit to gently guide,

Whisper reminders in each ear,

Fill them inside.

Bless them, set them apart.

God wants to give them a favored heart.

I know this is true, and I have come to see.

How someone I never knew, was praying for me.

I hope God will show me His book,

Let me hear her words of love.

See how the Lion of Judah,

Lifted up, a lamb and a dove.

Rebecca Jones




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