Valentine From God

I think of you of during my day,

You are in my thoughts.

My conversation is sprinkled with your name.

In fact you are in all I do or say.

My love for you is a fountain of youth,

A mountain of joy, a whisper….a song,

A momentous moment of truth.

It’s a sky of blue, lazy and cloudy.

It’s a sea of green, bursting through,

A parade of red, drummers drumming loudly.

Violets blooming right on cue.

It’s as the peace of a dove,

The depth of my love.

It reaches far and wide,

My arms embrace you,

I AM always at you side.

You are the apple of my eye,

The peach that blossoms fair,

The orchard of my bounty,

If you need me , I AM there.

You are both memories and music,

Singer and song,

And I love you, all the day long.

You are both rhyme and reason,

The laughter of a far away season.

Gardens and gazebos,

Morning dew and evening mist.

You are every love, I ever loved,

Every kiss, I’ve ever kissed.

I only hope that you’ll think of me this way,

My love, bright, shining, as the Son.

It is finished! It is done!

For darkness overshadowed the cross,

The only love I ever knew,

Became my pain, my loss.

I gave Him up! I had to!

I had to look away!

And I did it just for you!

And though you’ve praised Him,

Maybe, you don’t understand,

All I’ve written or said.

My love is alive, living,

I raised Him from the dead!

I gave you all I had, that is true.

Because I love you everlasting, blessing you.

So follow in His footsteps, the very path He trod.

I hope you know how much I love you,

It’s true, every word, please believe.

I hope you have received and love, Jesus,

Your Valentine from God.

Rebecca Jones

  • I wrote this for my mother in 2003, you may use it to minister, or post it on your blog, but please remember to use my name, I retain ownership of all original poetry. I believe this image of Christ to be public domain, a sacred heart, however you may use another image.
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