Leap of Faith


I was thinking whether to call this, Leap of Faith or Learning to Fly. Oh well, I guess I’ll be doing both in the New Year, just as I have been, lately, and really for a long time.  I knew I had plans, only God had better ones.

I never thought about blogging. I never thought about ministering to women (and men too ) that way. I was always starting a new novel, a chapter or two later, it fizzled.  And then there was the plan to do a series of novels, ( when I couldn’t get one finished ), I was planning to do some sort of American Girl theme, all kinds of girls from different places with one thing in common, they had the same name.  There was the Christmas book that went through lives, in a  series of flashbacks, the old Hollywood novel was good but went silent.

I had a box of scripts. I was laughed at, scoffed, could not get an agent. I was hurt, it’s what I loved, it was my heart and soul. I cried, I tried to have a real job and even failed at that.  So how’d I end up a wanna be writer, who never thought about ministry but loved Jesus, end up here, because I never looked at myself through His eyes.  I really was worth than a sparrow,  I was never a wanna be. I was an already was. Tetestali, it is finished.  I already was, I just had to believe it, receive and be it and not let the enemy keep stealing it with deception and lies.

And now after all this time, God is restoring my soul, leading me beside still waters. He has prepared for me a table. My enemies,who have names like doubt and fear, grief, pain, sorrow and lack are all melting away.  As I take wing, under the shadow of the Almighty, as He pushes me gently out of the nest, I will fly. He will raise me up on eagle’s wings. It’s not me flying but resting myself upon strong feathers, if I hold on tightly to Him, I won’t fail, I won’t fall.

It feels like  jumping off a cliff, something Jesus was tempted with, but I have something better than a bungee cord, it’s a threefold cord and it will not be broken. Rebecca Jones




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