The Marriage Covenant


In an earlier post , I mentioned that the Jewish bride and groom sign a marriage contract of covenant, called a ketubah, here’s a picture.  Keeping promises is very important to God. Although some promises take longer to deliver, He is faithful. Keeping a covenant is so important to Him that He knew Abraham would not be able to keep it, that He cut the covenant with Jesus. Jesus keeps His promises now just as God did to the patriarchs.

The Covenants God makes are eternal, the rainbow promise no more destruction of the world by a flood. He promised Abraham a son, but he did not keep the Covenant, he lied about his wife. He was faithful to God but he made mistakes. Do your best to keep your promise. if someone asks for prayer, do it right away.

Marriage is so sacred to God. He is very protective of His Word and the families who obey it. I will never tell anyone to stay in an abusive or violent marriage. Never put yourself or your children in danger. But if it’s just a silly disagreement over something, let it go. Pray about it, but let it go. Remind yourselves that you are both under His grace, if you are believers, and if one person is not, I pray He gives you grace and patience to bless that spouse into receiving Christ as Lord.

The phrase ” tying the knot “, comes from the practice of tying the hands of the husband and wife together. God wants them to be one, and to be one with Him. Invite Jesus to your wedding or into your marriage. Things will change, even if you hit a rough patch, it always gets better with Him. Rebecca Jones


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