Hope is more than expecting something, or just wishing, it has to be mixed wit faith and love. It does not work without love, and not just natural love, agape…..the love of God. Faith is believing what you cannot see. Hebrews 11:1.  Hope is only in Christ, the anchor of the soul. And love is the love of God.  He loved us while we were sinners and gave up His beloved Son.  I can’t imagine that. I wondered why He would do that for me.  But the alternative is so much worse that wouldn’t even want to imagine that.

He wanted us to spend eternity with Him. And for a moment in time steeped out of eternity into earth as as all/man all/God. The beauty of His love is evident in birth and life and death.  A baby, swaddled in a manger, grave clothes in a stone trough. Every step Jesus took had a meaning and a message, He was truly the Light of the World.

People who give up are hopeless, as believers we don’t have to give. We are not hopeless, we have a blessed hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. Rebecca Jones

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