pexels Natasha Fernandez

The Bible mentions sensitivity in the Old and New Testaments, the very intent of it is in reference to people who give themselves or are given over to sensuality. God will not always strive with people, He will allow them to go on in sinful lives and suffer the consequences of sin, which are eventually death and hell. Though that is certainly not His will. He will not push Himself on us.  He will also allow born again people who are not sensitive to His Holy Spirit to continue on in situations.  He cannot help you if do not pray and listen and obey Him.

That is the total opposite of being sensitive to Him, the giving in to seducing spirits, the going along with the world. People do what they think is right, but letting everyone do what they want is not right. Tolerance is one thing and being forced to tolerate anything is more in line with lawlessness.

Jesus sacrifice was so powerful, it covered so much. Do not be afraid to trust Jesus. Listen for a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit. Read that Word!  Keep it in your heart.   Don’t let the demons of lust or greed or any other problem be your downfall, He loves you too much.  Don’t cut your life short, don’t give in to the enemies lies.  He loves you so much, please keep a sensitive heart. It’s hard to do in a world like this.  In the Holy Spirit, there is hope.   Rebecca Jones /Natasha Fernandez / pexels, thanks.

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