White As Snow



Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. Isaiah 1:18

I’m sure most of us  have heard this verse. Did we really understand it?  Do we really love Jesus?  Do we really know that what happened that horrid day when He died for us in the most cruel of punishments and do we live and walk accordingly? My picture illustrates it, the sin red atop our heads, but cleansed white as snow once we have believed.  The angel in Revelation also describes believers who have washed their robes, white, in the blood of the Lamb.

Jesus dealt with sin once and for all. He had the ability to forgive sin and to heal all at the same time.  He was given that authority by the Father. He gives us His authority as believers, He took our punishment, He defeated the devil who had authority of Adam, He returned it to us, but we have to believe and walk in His ways.  Our problem is that we appear to get that in drips and drops and it is a continual process and a slow one at that pace.

We should be taught that Jesus was the scapegoat, once a year, the High Priest laid his hands on a goat to transfer the sin of Israel.  It was pushed off a cliff.  He was the Passover Lamb. Imagine celebrating Passover, the year before knowing that the next year, you would be it. I won’t go into the details, I suppose that’s why I never read a lot of the Old Testament, or I didn’t understand it.  Jesus was all these sacrifices, the scapegoat. We really cant imagine what He took, all the sin, all the sickness, everything. He took it in the flesh!!! And it was the Holy Spirit that raised Him from the dead!!!

Now we have the Holy Spirit! Jesus forgave us, we may sin but He already paid the price. He knows who is repentant, and who is a willing sinner. That separates the sheep from the goats. People may struggle with things but at least they are trying. Willing sinners will masquerade as Christians on parade but never have any fruit. Jesus said you will them by their fruit. You don’t have to confront such people, they will always be around. Just steer clear of them, the Holy Spirit directs you and gives you wisdom.

But what a glorious wonder our Lord is! What kind of love is that? Would we sacrifice so much?  We should all be so grateful, relishing the lavish love of the Savior.  The gentle Jesus that went like a Lamb to the slaughter. Who is now our High Priest, watching over His precious lambs and the Word of God. It never returns void, confess His love over yourself.  He is so wonderful!!! Rebecca Jones

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