From Worry To Wonderful


Why worry about tomorrow? Jesus posed this question.  He knew that their would be things coming against the people, just as they are now. Worrying about it will not solve it. It is a thief!  It will rob you of the joy of the day. I used to worry, but that never helped, it only opened the door for the enemy to get a toe hold, a foot hold and a strong hold. The same is true of anything, fear, doubt, addictions… always think you can handle it but you can’t.

I did this for years, but I won’t do it anymore, with His help.  Because if you open that door, let Him help you quickly close it. or the devil, like an unwanted salesman will be in with his pitch and pitch fork.  He doesn’t come in the form with the tail and red suit. We’d surely put him out. No, he shows up in worry and fear and doubt. He is discouraging, disparaging, divisive.  He devious and diabolical.  We would never take a ride from a stranger who was wearing, a hockey mask and wielding a knife.  But what about the clean cut, preppie looking guy who is a date rapist?

You cannot live your life in fear, you cannot live worried. I used to run around thinking I had OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, but I was aware of the behavior and changed it. Don’t act on fear or worry, it lets the devil in.

Instead, remember, that Jesus loves you so much, if you are a believer lean on His everlasting arms, lean into His love. And He is not worried, so why are you?  Let Him in, let Him answer the door. He’s Wonderful!  His name is Wonderful!  Isn’t Jesus my Lord Wonderful! So go from worry to Wonderful!!! Rebecca Jones


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