No, this a pretty girl, but I’m not talking about romance here. She might look like she’s ready for night out, but we are talking about another kind of passion here.  The death of  Jesus Christ on the cross, is referred to as the passion of the Christ. That was His passion to die for our sins and be raised from the dead, in order for us to be saved.  What are we passionate about?  Are we passionate about Him?

The original Greek word thumos, means getting heated up, it has to do with suffering wrath and emotion. Jesus took upon Himself that suffering, absorbed the very wrath of God in our place for us to be saved. He was charged with intense, emotional stress and pain, and went to hell, defeating the devil, before being raised.

The Strong’s Concordance cites the word, pathos, which is having strong feelings. So passions are in the mind, which is part of the soul, it  is where we get the term pathological. So if you are passionate about telling lies, you are a pathological liar. And Jesus says you are of your father, the devil. Not that he literally has children but attempts to copy God. He is the liar, Jesus is the truth. So do Christians tell lies, oh yes, little white ones not to hurt feelings and whoppers, (Large lies.) is the devil their father? Of course not. Jesus covers our sins, true believers will feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit and repent quickly.

So passions can be apart from God, lustful, over the top and out of control. But for those of us who are born again, our passions are more like creativity, the arts, praise and worship. maybe, your passion is dancing. Perhaps, like me, you are a writer. Whatever it is pursue it for Jesus. You can be passionate about a lot of things, cooking, sewing, nursing, volunteering. Pursue that passion with Jesus in mind, pray about using your passions for His glory. And whether you paint masterpieces or write a best seller, or if you are just a great soccer mom or coach, if you knit gloves for the homeless, you are still giving His passion’s glory out to others.  Even if you can only make someone’s day with a smile, do it. Look what His suffering passion cost Him. Shouldn’t we offer Him our passionate, strong feelings of love and praise. Shouldn’t we pursue Him passionately? Rebecca Jones



2 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Hi neighbor from Coffee for your Heart ~ Thank you for this wonderful reminder to seek our Savior with passion. I desire to but often fail. I like how you mention ways to give Him glory. Blessings!


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