Winter’s Whisper




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Winter’s whisper, brisk and bold,

Winter’s whisper, crisp and cold.

Winter’s whisper, Jesus speaks

Listen and obey,

Even the sea and the wind,

Listens to what He has to say.

Winds whipping with delight,

Falling snowflakes in the night.

Winter wonderland, frozen and still,

Frosty, friendly snowmen on the hill.

Lakes, frozen with a glaze.

Fireplaces, glowing with a blaze.

Winters whisper, clean and pure,

Like the love of Jesus, our treasure,

Winter is warmed for our pleasure.

Though sin is as scarlet, it is white as snow,

Melted away, by the warmth of His glow.

Winter’s whisper, snow is falling.

Winter’s whisper, Jesus is calling.

Winter’s whisper, the love He did bring.

And soon the season changes,

Songbirds singing in the spring.

Our Jesus, on Him we turn our eyes and gaze.

Everlasting love that never ceases to amaze.

Rebecca Jones









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