Why So Downcast?


Why are we so downcast? Many of us go through our lives feeling a little left out, dejected, rejected, disrespected.  What we think our lives should be is not what they or what we expected, or even worked for. Many people though, have turned to a sense of entitlement.  A generation of people without being taught about Jesus will get lost.  So what about three or four? So where have we gone in America if we are not teaching discipline and respect to children? We can’t just ignore our problems or throw money at them. People have a different take on respect, I see way too many disobedient children.

Respect is something you have to have for yourself. I have heard a lot about street cred and gang mentality.  There may be truth in that, but God designed families.  Father, mother, children.  He does things in order, He didn’t create fish until there was a sea.  But people today have lost respect for ” Holy Matrimony “, whether they like it or not, it was and is His plan and His ways are perfect. Will every marriage be?  No, there will be problems in the world but He will help us overcome.  I think a lot of people are searching for a family and find themselves in a world of trouble and hurt. Remember, even if everyone forsakes you, Jesus never will.  And families need not be relatives, but friends and church members.  And believe it or not, lots of women raised good men, so God provides them wisdom if they are forced into a fatherly role.

Respect people enough to look into their eyes when they speak to you. Listen, don’t interrupt. Make some time for your parents, grandparents, older family members.  Respect yourself enough not to quarrel all the time, to look your best and be on your best behavior. Respect your body. diet and exercise are fine, but sleep, rest, heal. Take care or yourself, your clothes, your home. and respect it enough not to engage in sexual activity outside marriage. If you are a believer, you sin against your body and it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Do not grieve Him.  If you are not a Christian, you invite all sort of spirits to work in your life, for you don’t know what the other person has been into.  Drug use, prostitution, addictions, all dull the spirit and mind. So can abuse and other things. Including fear and worry.

Ladies, respect yourself. Expect Jesus to do His best for you, but give Him your best also. Just because everyone does something doesn’t mean you have to, and you do not have to explain yourself or confide in everyone, even ministers.  If you ask for forgiveness, you have it.  Just remember to go and not keep sinning. He loves us so much. He gives us so many opportunities to know Him and receive His love.  Invite Him in to your life in a deeper way than before, let Him restore the lost things, He can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and heal any broken heart.  Respect Him!  Not by not taking His name in vain, though we should not, not all the OMG’s, but by believing He can do what He says, and that He means what He says.  We are not under the law, as believers, we are under grace. And grace is a person named Jesus, respect His sacrifice.  He believed we were worth it.  He holds us in high esteem,  that should be enough respect for anyone. Rebecca Jones

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God. Psalm 43:5, This time King James has the best translation, because it includes the last line.


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