Walk in the Spirit


If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.   Galatians 5:25

Many people are following many things. Some people follow sports teams, some people stocks, fashion trends. And that’s fine, many people are following, however, the teachings of people that are not necessarily in the Word. The Holy Spirit has moved through the years, in many revivals, many people have been healed by faith. Many people have been saved through many ministries.  A lot of people will follow revivals, move from church to church.  I know people will like a certain minister and then appear to grow in faith and then they will go back to another, almost going backward.  I have faced that accusation so much. But I follow Jesus, in fact, I can tell you that I have been misled, not purposely, distracted and even hurt by some well known and well meaning ministers.  Some, I found to be hard.  But learning about His grace has affected me deeply.

I was overwhelmed by the love of His sacrifice, He really loved me that much. There are so many things I struggled with when I did not fully understand the Holy Spirit’s working.  I had to re-study, rethink, re-examine my own soul. I had to learn to look at me like God did. He is seeing me as redeemed, my life the way He planned it. He sees me healed and delivered and full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit of truth, Himself, will tell you and lead you and He will always lead the way and guide you to and from the people you need to be with or without.

If you ask Jesus to save you and give you His Spirit, He will, He alone is faithful and true and will free you from the confusion of so many voices, He alone is peace. Follow Jesus, even if you follow people who follow Jesus. There is a good reason He said, ” Follow Me! ” Rebecca Jones


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