Come Out Of Hiding


Come out of hiding, it’s okay.  Have you been hiding your light under a bushel? Have you been afraid of something, to try new things, or step out in faith. Have you prayed for something? Did you get it?  If you did, are you making the most of it?  If you didn’t, are you sure you didn’t? Has the enemy stepped between you and your dream, your healing, your finances? Don’t be afraid, just believe, Jesus words to Jairus after his daughter’s death. Most of us won’t need to be raised from the dead, except in the spiritual sense.  Jesus came to give life, life more abundantly. A 12 yr. old girl was faced with the ultimate crisis, and yet her father, who would have wrapped her in a talit and prayed for her is told to not bother the Master. Jesus wasn’t bothered, He’d just healed a woman whose blood flowed 12 yrs.  This is a pattern in the Bible, double portions, restoration, this is emphatic. The woman wasn’t worried about having enough faith, she believed if she touched Him, she would be made whole, she was.

The little girl had little choice in the matter, her father approached Jesus and was urged by the servants to let her go.  Jesus never saw it that way, He was alright with it, even though the power of God had just healed a woman, He was willing to help this man who took the time to seek Him out. He would give him the ultimate miracle. Life. So don’t be afraid, come out of hiding. He loves you, if you are a believer, and you ask.  He will answer because He bends to listen. Don’t hide your feelings, don’t be afraid to serve Him,  He’s beside you all the way.

Don’t hide your gift, don’t your hide your talent, don’t hide the light of God in you. He created you to shine, to reflect His glory.  Whatever the lie, the enemy has sown into your mind, that you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, that you won’t make it, can’t do it, no one loves you…they are all lies.  He heard your prayer, whisper it again, this time, don’t be afraid…..just believe.  He listening, help is on the way. Rebecca Jones


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