Fragrance of Love

Beautiful bride posing at field of purple lavender with basket of flowers

Who would have thought that the sacrifice of the precious Son of God would be a sweet smell before Him? If you bother to read the details of the sacrifice of lambs, and the others, they are awful. I can’t imagine doing that to a lamb, much less to a person.  And yet, without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.  So Jesus was it, a willing sacrifice because no man could have killed Him.

I think of roses and perfumes, and in the spring you can smell honeysuckles. My picture for this post is a girl in field of lavender.  There are lots of things that smell good, lotions and flowers and shampoos, baby fresh scents, and I even like puppy breath.

But one of the sweets smells to me has to be the sacrifice of my Lord.  He answered my prayers. He’s no longer a mass of flesh, beaten beyond recognition, but a risen powerful Lord on a throne and I praise Him and worship Him, He is my love and life, my joy and my peace, and He likes the smell of our prayers and bends to catch our tears, His tenderness you cannot measure. He smells wonderful! And so should we!Rebecca Jones


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