Guard Your Heart


Guard your heart, according to Proverbs 4:23, everything flows out of it. Hearts are so fragile, I might break it, He won’t. How do you guard it, anyway? I hid my feelings and that didn’t help, I was hurt anyway.  Sometimes, I vented my frustration and that didn’t help, mostly people didn’t even know what I was talking about.  What was important to me, wasn’t to them.  Something big to me, wasn’t to them.  It is very much a matter of perspective.  I don’t think  Jesus mattered to some people I spoke to as much as He did me, that puts you in the Mary mode, pondering in your heart.

Then as you ponder, you find yourself closer to God and further from the average person, I was interested in Hebrew word studies, and read different versions of the Bible, I researched almost every woman in it and even found a couple of names in other manuscripts.  I think I was guarding my heart, I paid attention to dreams, I made notes. And yet, I felt like I was losing it a times and just got tired of waiting for answers, truth is. He had a plan, I was following it. I just got hit with spiritual warfare in a way I didn’t see.

So how did I let my heart get hurt? It was filled with the Word. I prayed. I was not in continual sin, yet fear was striking out  at me, it was work to cast down thoughts.  I was hiding a heart that loved, because other people’s words were hitting me, hurting me, bruising me, and my spirit, which is sometimes interchanged with heart starting to shatter like a heart of glass. It was, fragile, had to be handled with care and prayer. it took Jesus to love me well and I recovered nicely after a stay in the ICU – Intensive Christ Unit. He didn’t just patch it, He lovingly mended it and left no scar. With precision He used a gentle scalpel and removed every shard of what was shattered.

Be careful what you say and see. Don’t look at the world with rose colored glasses as if nothing is wrong, use wisdom. Don’t allow movies or music or conversation into your heart or spirit if it is not beneficial.  If you see violence and ugliness, you tolerate it, expect it, become desensitized to it. Does this reflect the Lord?

Eyes are the window of the soul and you cannot cover what He sees. He knows every thought and intent of the heart, if you don’t do what you know is right, that is wrong. See the world for what it is, but look again in faith, see the beauty of each day, the birds or butterflies or stars. Look and listen to the creative beauty of the Lord, a symphony of color, of light, of life, of love. Whether a chorus of sparrows or a parade of puppies,  radiant faces of happy children or the laughing of old folks. There is beauty in everyday. Look for it, create it, speak it into your life.

Look at yourself in God’s eyes. He redeemed you with the blood of His beloved Son. It’s all about Jesus. He’s altogether lovely and worthy of praise, like we’ll never be and yet He loves us deeply, intimately, affectionately, passionately, personally. He will never leave you or forsake you. God sees you in Jesus, so never see the ugly of the world again, focus on His beauty, the beauty of His holiness, His sacrifice, and you will be beautiful as well.

Guard your heart from what you can, it’s fragile, ask Him to help with rest. God gave us His best, let’s give Him ours. Rebecca Jones





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