What inspires us?  I give a lot of thought to what I write, I want to make it clear to the reader.  If I write about coffee, I want you to be able to smell it.  If I describe a movie, I want you to feel like part of the action.  If I tell you about a love song, I want you to be lulled into romance. If I write a recipe for banana pudding, I want you to taste it. I try to be descriptive, honest, sincere. I want you to taste and see the Lord’s goodness in everything. I genuinely care about what I say and how I come across to the reader, I care about what that reader thinks and feels. I am so pleased to get positive comments. I have a true and burning desire to help women.  I can’t say that I’m a woman of the world, I’m not super educated or well traveled.  But I have lived a lifetime of learning about faith, about the love of Jesus.  I wish I’d known in my twenties, what I know know.  Perhaps, deep inside, I did.  There was that calling to write and to help people, maybe, I never was in an actual ministry then, yet, I was ministering through intercessory prayer, and just day to day life.  I let the cares of the world and lack of money wear me down, I needed a positive influence, but no matter where I turned, it was like that person ministering was saying this or that, either it didn’t sit right, because a lot of what I was hearing seemed to put us back under law. There was talk of drinking water, vitamins, certain diets.  Jesus never said follow this diet and then I’ll heal you.  He is the living water that refreshes you. Some, in charismatic circles, really appeared hard, I was focusing on casting down imaginations and not being afraid.  I was going around in circles in faith, walking on egg shells, I was defying old teachings, I made people furious, but the truth is simple, Jesus loved us more that we will ever know until we get to heaven. I guess that’s just too hard for some people to grasp. I got it at eleven. I knew He healed people, wasn’t sure exactly how. Casting out devils will really stir up a conversation, but you can do it, you know lies, jealousy and all the deceptions are from the evil one, they will latch onto you, if you let them.  I’ve seen bitterness just waste away a person. In a Pentecostal church, I was by myself and heard a lady speaking in tongues for the first time, I was petrified.  Yet, I’d watch Kathryn Kuhlman, she scared me, too. I told my mother once, I didn’t want to be a Bible thumper. And I don’t, I used to hear, the thank you Jesuses and bless him Lords, but little else.  And to be honest, I’m from the south and I didn’t want to come off as corny or crackpot.  I had many people pray for me, I really had to fight fear off, the reason it was always there was to hinder God’s love. Love, He’d already sown into my spirit, love, He knit into my mother’s womb, love, that He left alive with her when she almost died in childbirth and I was a blue baby.  Love, He watched over when my own father left.  Love, He imparted with my salvation at eleven. Yet, that is only a part of the Holy Spirit’s gifts, regular baptism is called John’s baptism in the Bible.  The gift of the Holy Spirit of speaking in tongues is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or with fire as John says, you may feel cool wind, heat or power, you see people fall out in the Spirit.  I hear some say there is no such thing as slain in the Spirit, that slain means dead, John, while writing Revelation says he fell as dead.  Its’s never your spirit that needs crucifying, it is the flesh. So He left me love, He called to that love, and I answered, but I was confused and that’s not God, I was misguided and that’s not God.  People will also speak for themselves, even when speaking for God, they are human and include their opinions, prejudices at times. Maybe, they don’t mean to, it just happens.  But I want to be as clear and concise as I can, He loves us with an everlasting love, love that is unbelievable, incorruptible and unwavering. It is eternal, it was alive before we were conceived, in the heart of God, the plan of salvation was set in motion. He came, He died, He rose.  He is our High Priest, He watches over us, He perfects us, He heals us, He delivers us. It’s all about Jesus.  All we had to do is love Him, believe Him, trust Him, speak His words…I was always trying to do or say the opposite, saying I was healed even if I wasn’t. I never tell people not to go to the doctor or take medicine.  Just believe, love heals, love works  miracles, love never fails. Love healed me recently, love from Jesus, love saved me, salvation is a continuous process, it is ongoing. I’ve missed fires, car wrecks, tornadoes, why? Love was watching me. Love was there, when my mother prayed for me, love keeps me walking after a bad fall five years ago, love has me writing a blog, poetry and doing my best to tell you about that love. What inspires me? Most any little thing, a cloud or flowers might roll into a verse of poetry. A thought, a whisper, a laugh… a muse?  No, more like an angel unaware turning my heart to the one I love and who loves me.  What inspires me, is more like who does?  He does, His name is Jesus and I adore Him.  Rebecca Jones


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