Well into the month of January, I have focused on a word each day.  I have written the blog to include them and today’s word is family.  I can tell you how it was supposed to be, waiting for the right person, falling in love and then having a family. That truly is God’s divine plan.  And if you’re not married, wait….it is worth it!

But for so many, that wasn’t the case, people followed feelings instead of faith, maybe it seemed like a good idea to move in together, we can always get married, it’s just a piece of paper. Maybe you have had a child or two and moved on, then there are things like child support and visitation, alternating weekends and holidays and dealing with new girlfriends and boyfriends and exes.  I can almost see the heads nodding.

Maybe you were too young and immature, perhaps illness or job loss or addictions have come into your life, and sometimes through no fault of your own.  There are grandparents raising grandchildren and even great grands, maybe there was a tragedy like a fire, flood or tornado.  There are many things besides divorce that break up a marriage, adultery, money and the worst scenario would be death parting you.  Please don’t think I’m here to depress you more.

I bring you good news, glad tidings of great joy, the Prince of Peace was born, He lived and died to set us free, if we will allow Him to.  Just believe that and accept Him as Lord, ask Him to give you His Spirit, and make you new.

He is the hope and healer of broken hearts, the merciful mender of minds that cannot cope any longer. He is life more abundantly. He is peace. He is love and if you know Him you will know love and have love for others.

He looks at faith and not faults, He is a fountain of joy, the well of living water inside you. He is wisdom, to help you decide what to do, comfort, when you cry.  He makes a way where the is no way.

He restores, refreshes, and renews. In Him we are strong and healthy and young. He can erase the past mistakes, the bad memories, the heartbreak, and stir you to new friends and family, kindle romance, return lost sheep and prodigals or give you new or more children.

He cares for widows and orphans and He will never leave or forsake us, so if you are from a broken home, a dysfunctional family or you had a perfect upbringing. He wants you to be part of His family and allow Him to bless and perfect yours. I pray, He does just that. Love is on the way. Rebecca Jones



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