Healing comes in many forms, always from the inside out. That’s always the way the enemy comes to work as well.  Healing comes from medicines. Healing comes from rest. Healing comes from release, whether from an illness, a debt, a bad circumstance.  But healing always comes from God, not from time.  That makes things worse more often than not. Unaddressed problems, whether mental, physical or spiritual can cause lingering and debilitating disease.  Grief is also a cruel thing.

But if the Holy Spirit is inside you, the Lord is there to help. He is always there, when you cry, when you laugh, wherever you go, He goes too. But there are times when you are not aware of His presence.  Having the gift of tongues also makes you more aware.

He is there for you but will withdraw, or step aside if you choose to allow other things to flood your spirit. Worry, doubt, and fear, all contribute to a broken spirit.  All these, and deceptive feelings of inadequacies are very negative emotions and dwelling on the past, hurt feelings or illness is not good for the soul.  And you are not allowing the Holy Spirit to help you, in effect, quenching Him.

Soak in His Word.  Healing comes from within. Healing is from God. God is Love, and Love always heals. Isaiah 53 Rebecca Jones.


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