Courage, what is it really?  Stepping up and saving people during a battle? Jumping off a bridge with a bungee cord? Operating on someone’s heart?  Raising children or teaching school?  All of these take courage of some kind, the daredevil, extreme sports are optional.  But walking down the aisle, starting a family, even a new job or a move or doing what God calls you into, takes courage.

Believe it or not, you are on a battlefield.  As a Christian, you will encounter spiritual enemies, sometimes disguised as people.  We are not in a battle with flesh and blood, the devil has his minions, but we have twice as many angels, and Jesus is our Commander in Chief.  He has been defeated already, he made the mistake of trying to overthrow heaven. He made an even worse one by crucifying Jesus.  That was his undoing!

I know many people who have been attacked with or struggled with fear.  The answer, if you are a believer, is to confess the conditional promise of Isaiah 54:17.  ” I am the righteousness of God. ”  And we are because He who knew no sin was made sin for us, and we weren’t righteous, Jesus made us so.  And now the fear, torment and terror is far from me.  This is especially helpful if you can pray in the spirit.

It can happen to you anytime, even the most spiritual person can have fear approach them. It is a spirit and has to go, in Jesus name.  Next time you feel like you’re quaking in your boots, tell it to leave in Jesus name. The devil tries to copy Jesus and works in threes, you may have to tell him three times.  Jesus told him off.

And something I never knew and the Lord tied to teach me years ago and I just didn’t understand because I thought of Him more in superhuman terms is that He understands.  Jesus understands fear better than anyone, He suffered more than anyone, He paid a higher price than anyone.

We have no idea of the pain and suffering and the demonic encounters, the torture and torment of His minds as He purchased our souls, we could never imagine being scourged, whipped until the bone showed or our face beaten beyond recognition.  Jesus was God!  But, because of the children, He became flesh and blood and died for us.  That is perfect love, which casts out fear. It is the only thing that will rid you of it. On a blog that read and recommend called From His Presence, the author tells of being filled with fear, and even gasping for air. Finally, she prayed and imagined her body being filled as if she were a bottle. She was able to breathe. I heard of a man with debilitating panic attacks, he could pray in the spirit (tongues) as long as he did he was free of them.  There are times you may find it necessary to refresh yourself this way many times a day.

Jesus was no coward, He took punishment for our peace. read Isaiah 53 if you have any doubts, and take courage because He is Lord. Before you start running from your tail like the cowardly lion, let the Lord crown you with courage.  You may not be Samson or require that strength, but sure need it if you are a parent. It is my prayer for you today that fear is far from you and the Lord crowns you with His peace and mercy and courage. Rebecca Jones


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